ABC's of LOVE  

Posted by: afeq

* Advocate for your lover whenever they need you.

* Be a great team player.

* Collect your thoughts before a confrontation.

* Discuss, don’t nag.

* Exercise your ability to turn them on.

* Find new adventures to embark on together.

* Give them reasons why you love them each and every day.

* Hold your partner’s hand while you walk down the street.

* Include each other in decision making.

* Judge not the mistakes of the past.

* Kiss slowly, forgive quickly.

* Learn your partner’s love language.

* Make love when he needs to be loved.

* Never put him down in front of others.

* Open your mind to change.

* Plan grand gestures of love for them every so often.

* Quit your bad habits.

* Resist temptation.

* Support to your partner’s dreams and desires.

* Trust your partner more than you trust anyone else.

* Underestimate not the power of praise.

* Value his attributes and strengths.

* Welcome his advice.

* X out selfishness.

* Yield and compromise when your partner needs you to.

* Zeal and creativity is how you please him between the sheets.

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